JPC Pest Control Melbourne

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Who we are

At JPC pest control, we are your company of choice; the one to go for when to need some professional intervention as far as pest control is concerned. Our main focus is to ensure that pest infestations and invasions are eliminated or kept at an undetectable minimum level, in Melbourne, Victoria, and their environs. Our other focus is to ensure that the best of our services and products reach our deserving esteemed customers in a holistic approach, to solve their pest problems.

What we do

We offer a wide array of best quality solutions as far as pest control is concerned. We conduct pest inspections in homes, residential buildings, business premises, institutions and many other kinds of settings. We also do pest eradication and treatment of pest and parasite infestations in similar settings. Check below to see an outline of some of our pest control services.

➢ Ant control.
➢ Bedbug treatment.
➢ Bird control.
➢ Cockroach control.
➢ Mice control.
➢ Spider control.
➢ Rat control.
➢ Flea treatment.
➢ Silverfish treatments.
➢ Termites control.
➢ Termite inspection.
➢ Wasp control.

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Why hire us

We have with time proved to provide the best pest control services in Melbourne, Victoria, and surrounding areas. We have gained the require expertise, sophisticated equipment and employ the latest and most reliable technologies in executing our services to ensure that you always get the best. Other reasons that might make you hire us are:

➢ We believe in efficiency of service. We believe that it leaves you satisfied and makes us happy for that.
➢ We have along the years built strong relationship ties with our clients that have helped us gain quite a good reputation.
➢ Our prices are relatively much more affordable.
➢ Insurance for our services is provided for, and so you need not worry about such.
➢ We listen to you and value your feedback as our esteemed client.

Extended services

We provide advisory services to our clients, to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our main services. Our pest control experts will promptly advise you on good tips for ensuring that infestations of pests do not occur or reoccur in your premises. These are advisories such as sanitation practices, garbage management, proper food storage, pest exclusion practices, and proper handling of pets. We offer helpful do it yourself tips for dealing with pests. We always welcome comments, concerns, queries, and other sentiments that our clients would want to share with us.

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